Services for Non Profits

21%-67% of mental health workers

experience high levels of burn out. 

the 19% turnover rate

for non profit organizations is higher than any for-profit industry.

84% of non profit organizations

do not have a formal retention strategy.

We can create cultures of sustainability and social and emotional wellness.

When working in non-profit and human service organizations, it’s easy to struggle with balance. Competing priorities and limited resources, combined with compassion fatigue, can inhibit performance, contribute to burnout, and lead to high turnover rates.

We need time. Time to slow down, reflect, and focus on what matters—our own health and wellbeing, and that of the communities we serve. 

I can make it easy to build in this precious time. 

We need a cultures of care—care for ourselves care for our work communities. When this culture exists, we are able to serve our clients.

Let me help you get there.

I provide learning and development focused on sustainability, helping organizations and individuals to be resilient and effective while doing work that makes a difference.   



Three workshop series

Meet the needs of your organization. Each workshop can stand alone, or be combined with others in its series for a half or full day of professional development.

Personal Resilience Series

Build the stress management skills and sustainability of your employees through tools like mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and boundary-setting.

Team Building Series

Build your team’s capacities through research-based, actionable tools for better communication and collaboration.

Leadership Series

Grow your leaders’ social-emotional skills through best practices such as providing clear, meaningful feedback and becoming a better listener.  

The Columbus Museum of Art 

“Brandi is like a reset button, giving program participants a moment to tend to themselves. Anyone who works for public good must balance the power of small acts of personal kindness with the daunting, ambiguous, and vulnerable work of activating positive social change. The two go hand-in-hand. #shestherealthing”

- Cindy Foley, Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience for at the Columbus Museum of Art

Keynote Speaking


Hear from a practitioner of workplace innovation with over a decade of experience helping others learn.

Your event attendees will be inspired by storytelling that is relatable and authentic. They will hear the latest research-based insights. They will gain actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.  

Popular keynote offerings can be found by clicking on the button below, and you can watch my videos here.   


Kirwan Institute for The Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University

“Brandi was an inviting and engaging speaker who made everyone feel comfortable by sharing personal experiences and anecdotes. She is truly talented at making connections with people and encouraging gifts in others.”

– Kelly Capatosto, Research Associate



Let’s build a creative, resilient, open culture

that’s responsive to the need for change and innovation.

Together we can:

  • Build and implement a sustainability plan to increase employee retention

  • Create a system for free flowing and open communication so individuals and leaders get the information they need to grow and engage meaningfully 

  • Operationalize your values and mission, connecting daily work to what is most important and meaningful for individuals and the organization

  • Increase leader’s interpersonal and team-development capacities through the implementation of research-based strategies and tailored development experiences