Services for Educators

46% of teachers

report high levels of daily stress that affects their health, quality of life, and teaching performance.

50% of new administrators

leave their role in the first three years, and school administration is ranked as one of the top five most stressful professions in the United States.

70% of teens

say anxiety and depression is a “major problem” amongst their peers.

50% of children

will experience at least one traumatic event before the age of 17 that could impact their wellbeing and ability to regulate emotions.

We can create cultures wellbeing, resilience, and strong social-emotional skills for students, staff, and leaders.

Educators and administrators are under increasing pressure due to many competing expectations: curriculum, testing, evaluation systems, and needs of students among others. But more than any increased test score or new curriculum, we need time. Time to slow down, reflect, and focus on what matters—our own health and wellbeing, and that of our educational communities. 

I can make it easy to build in this precious time. 

In addition to teaching, schools are also asked to meet social and emotional needs of students. Yet, often teachers and leaders own needs are not met. Adults in education need to be in good social-emotional health in order to be the models our students sorely need. 

Let me help you get there.

I provide professional development focused on sustainability in leadership and teaching that can help adults model and teach important skills for students: collaboration, communication, emotion regulation, and resilience. 


teaching resilience workshop

Three workshop series

Meet the needs of your staff, students, and leaders. Each workshop can stand alone, or be combined with others in its series for a half or full day of professional development.

Personal Resilience Series

Build the stress management skills and sustainability of your staff through tools like mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and boundary-setting.

Classroom Series

Help teachers create social and emotionally well communities in their classrooms through cultivating a sense of belonging, providing emotion regulation tools, and increasing psychological safety.

Leadership Series

Grow your leaders’ social-emotional skills through best practices such as providing clear, meaningful feedback and becoming a better listener.

Grandview Heights City Schools

“The impact of Brandi’s workshops, on individual staff members and our collective school culture, has been profound. Brandi has given us actionable tools for stepping back from the day to reflect, regroup, and gain perspective. I’ve seen measurable shifts.” 

- Marc Alter, Director of 21st Century Learning

Keynote Speaking


Learn from an experienced educator who has worked with thousands of teachers and leaders to incorporate mindfulness, social-emotional interventions, and emotion regulation tools into schools for staff and students.

Your event attendees will learn from storytelling that is relatable and authentic.  They will hear the latest research-based insights. They will gain actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Popular keynote offerings can be found by clicking on the button below, and you can watch my videos here.   

Ohio Association of Community Colleges

“Brandi received the highest praise from my staff. They appreciated her transparency, knowledge base, and sense of humor.”

- LaToya Rolle, Program Manager



Meeting the social and emotional needs of students is important.

Without having these basic needs met, it’s very difficult for students to learn and grow to their full capacity.

With many competing priorities and limited time and expertise, it’s difficult to implement systemic changes in a building and stay focused on meeting these important student needs.

For these reasons, quick solutions are appealing. But social and emotional needs are best met through positive, caring relationships and a culture of belonging—not a one-size-fits all curriculum.

I will help you to build a comprehensive, whole-student approach to meeting social and emotional needs of students through:

  • Leadership coaching focused on change management and social-emotionally sound leadership  

  • Guidance implementing a vision for meeting social and emotional needs that is specifically personalized to your school, staff, and students

  • Resources for, and planning of, professional development that will engage and inspire staff to create strong relationships and a sense of belonging in their school and classroom

Pickerington Local School District

“The staff that has worked with Brandi: workshops, in-classroom work, and job-embedded coaching, have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have found it to be transformative and rejuvenating. This work has never been needed more in the field of education!”

– Maggie Buckley, Teaching and Learning Coordinator