Services for Businesses

84% of executives

reported needing to rethink their workforce experience.

but only 9% of executives

feel prepared to address this need for a transformed employee work experience. 

67% of workers

experience burnout at work.

96% of employees

would stay longer in their role if the organization focused on career development.

We can build a developmental culture that’s engaging and resilient.

The modern workplace is dynamic, driven by continual change and a push toward further innovation. But businesses are also human communities, and they needs to be healthy and growth-oriented in order to be effective—particularly in times of change.

We can build every team member’s resilience, and their ability to pivot and innovate quickly.

We can provide interpersonal development tools for collaborating and communicating effectively during day-to-day operations and in times of change and instability.

We can train leaders to grow healthy and productive people and teams through research-based methods focused on psychological safety.


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Three workshop series

Meet the needs of your employees and leaders. Each workshop can stand alone, or be combined with others in its series for a half or full day of professional development.

Personal Resilience Series

Build the stress management skills and sustainability of your employees through tools like mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and boundary-setting.

Team Building Series

Build your team’s capacities through research-based, actionable tools for better communication and collaboration.

Leadership Series

Grow your leaders’ social-emotional skills through best practices such as providing clear, meaningful feedback and becoming a better listener.

Tri-village Chamber

“Our members are business owners in the trenches working day in day out to make their businesses thrive. The eye-opening experience they gained with Brandi was that managing the business culture can make your business even more productive.”

- Lori McCollough, Tri-Village Chamber Partnership

Keynote Speaking


Hear from a practitioner of workplace innovation with over a decade of experience helping others learn. Your event attendees will be inspired by storytelling that is relatable and authentic. They will hear the latest research-based insights. They will gain actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Popular keynote offerings can be found by clicking on the button below, and you can watch my videos here.   

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Creative Mornings

“As a human being, I found Brandi inspiring and refreshing. As a a ten-year Learning & Development professional I see an opportunity for businesses to unlock something in their teams that will lead to thriving work environments, happy employees, and more rewarding business results.”  

- Erin Derryberry, Manager/Talent Developer for Ascena Retail Group


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Let’s build a creative, resilient, open culture

that’s responsive to the need for change and innovation.

Together we can:

  • Create a system for free flowing and open communication so individuals and leaders get the information they need to grow and engage meaningfully

  • Operationalize your values and mission, connecting daily work to what is most important and meaningful for individuals and the organization

  • Build leader’s interpersonal and team-development capacities through the implementation of research-based strategies and tailored development experiences