Leadership Workshop Series


Build your leaders’ capacities

for social and emotionally sound leadership through best practices, while also supporting a sense of community on your leadership teams.

Workshops can stand alone, or be combined for a half-day or full-day learning experience.

Being Clear and Kind: The Importance of Feedback, and How to Give and Receive it Effectively

1-2 hour workshop or a half-day training

Participants will:

  • Learn the art and science of giving good feedback others can accept  

  • Grow your feedback skills through practice and implementation of strategies 

Description: Without opportunities for meaningful feedback, practice becomes mere repetition, and learning and growth become limited. At the same time, feedback can be challenging—both giving and getting it; we may worry about hurting someone’s feelings, or want to avoid uncomfortable conversations. Conversely, the feedback we give or get may not be received well, and defensiveness results. Despite these fears and challenges, we can build our resilience and skills for giving and receiving meaningful input. Learn how you can create a culture of feedback, and enhance your own and your team’s growth. 


Build Thriving Teams Through Psychological Safety

1-2 hour workshop or a half-day training

Participants will:

  • Learn how psychological safety affects a group’s ability to collaborate and grow together 

  • Build a toolkit for creating teams that are growth-oriented, creative, and collaborative   

Description: Leaders hold the key to group effectiveness. Through the norms they establish and the behaviors they model, they send the message of whether its safe to be honest. According to Google’s research, this single factor determines whether groups are able to work together effectively and grow—or whether they will fraction and stagnate. This workshop will build your toolkit for creating psychological safety, unlocking the potential for learning and collaboration. 


Listening and Leadership: Hearing Others as a Key to Effectively Communicate

2 hour workshop or a half-day training

Participants will:

  • Learn to avoid acting out the myths that keep us from being present for others 

  • Build listening skills that will improve personal and professional communication 

Description: We spend 70-80% of our waking time communicating, and listening is the communication skill we use the most. Leaders, especially, are often key communicators responsible for maintaining understanding between multiple parties. However, there are myths that keep us from hearing others, and therefore understanding what’s really needed in a situation. Learn about the crucial skill of listening, and how to apply it to leadership for overall improved communication.


Boundaries: A Tool for Leadership Sustainability and Engagement

1-2 hour workshop   

Participants will…

  • Learn strategies to improve sustainability and engagement through the implementation of boundaries 

  • Engage tools for setting healthy boundaries on time, resources, and emotions  

Description: As organizational leaders, boundaries are necessary; when we don’t honor them, our resources are quickly worn away by the words, actions, and circumstances of others. We are left less engaged. We are prone to burnout. This matters. Leaders are responsible for 70% of variance in team engagement, and they model what healthy engagement looks like. However, honoring the space we need for ourselves enhances rejuvenation; we are engaged for the work that matters to us. Learn healthy boundary-setting tools that you can implement in professional and personal life, and model for your teams.