Keynote Offerings


Mindfulness. Belonging. Social Action.

Keynote talks for building resilience and community.

Mindfulness and Social Action: Lowering Stress and Building Resilience

Audience will:

  • Learn the science and practice of mindfulness as a tool to lower stress and build resilience 

  • Gain strategies for incorporating mindfulness into social action

Description: There is so much we can do to free the world of suffering; its easy to experience overwhelm and burnout. Research shows that mindfulness practice improves resilience to stress and builds connection with others, both of which can help us sustain ourselves. In order to use this tool, however, we have to change our mindset about service. We have to recognize that our wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of others. Experience a mindset shift, and learn mindfulness tools to enhance sustainability.


Knowing We Matter: How Psychological Safety Builds Better Teams and Communities 

 Audience will:

  • Learn how psychological safety can contribute to more effective collaboration and more team member engagement

  • Gain tools for enhancing psychological safety in teams

Description: In order to sustain ourselves, we need to know that our voices are heard within our teams and organizations. Without this crucial factor, we can easily feel isolated, which leads to higher levels of burnout. Psychological safety—a belief that we are heard, accepted, and valued—is the number one factor for team effectiveness. Learn how psychological safety can enhance engagement and create a more effective environment for collaboration; gain tools to implement this crucial norm on teams.


Professional Development is Human Development: Putting Personal Growth at the Center of Our Organizations

Audience will:

  • Learn the science of human development

  • Create environments that support this crucial component for engagement and performance

Description:  68% of the American workforce is disengaged; almost 1/3 of us have dropped out of the traditional workforce to enter the gig economy, and are statistically happier because of it. The way we do “work” is no longer working. The thriving workplace of the future needs to be more. By moving from a transactional model to a model centered on personal and professional growth, organizations support fulfillment and a sense of purpose for employees, while also maintaining a culture needed to thrive.