Team Building Series

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Provide your team with a toolkit

to work more effectively with one another.

Workshops can stand alone, or be combined for a half-day or full-day development experience.

The Social Brain at Work: The Science of Collaboration

2 hour workshop or a half-day training

Participants will:

  • Learn the science of the social brain, and how it can improve collaboration

  • Engage strategies that take advantage of our brain’s social capacities at work

Description: Research shows that our brains are wired for social connection. When this crucial factor is not met, we get sick—individually and as communities. So how can we ensure that we are creating brain-healthy environments and practices in order to be more effective in a collaborative environment? Learn strategies to improve cooperation and communication through meeting the needs of the social brain.


Effective Communication and the importance of Listening

2 hour workshop or a half-day training

Participants will:

  • Learn communication myths that keep us from being present with others

  • Build skills that will improve personal and professional communication despite these myths

Description: We spend 70-80% of our waking time communicating, and listening is the communication skill we use the most. That doesn’t necessarily make us good listeners, however. There are myths that keep us from hearing others, and therefore understanding what’s really needed in every situation—because of this, our communication and performance suffers. Learn the power of listening to improve your work, life, and leadership, and engage with strategies that will make you a better communicator.