Keynote Offerings

Mindfulness Keynote talk




Keynote talks to build resilience and community.

Moving from Surviving to Thriving: Building Teacher and Student Resilience Against Stress

Audience will:

  • Learn the science of stress management

  • Engage research-based strategies to lower stress and enhance resilience

Description: According to research, teachers are reporting higher levels of stress than ever before—for teachers and for students. In this new climate, caring for ourselves, and modeling this care for our students, is not a luxury. It’s an imperative. Learn tools for building resilience in ourselves and others through research-based, easy-to-implement strategies. Participants will leave with inspiration, and actionable steps to alleviate stress.


Cultures of Belonging: How Psychological Safety Can Build Healthy Classroom and School Communities 

Audience will:

  • Explore how the science of psychological safety can be applied to schools and classrooms, increasing student engagement and sense of belonging

  • Learn protocols and practices to enhance psychological safety in school communities

Description: Research shows that having a relationship with one caring adult can change a student’s life forever. Imagine if classrooms, schools themselves, were designing systems that created a sense of care and belonging every day. Humans have a psychological need to feel heard, to be accepted as we are, and to know that our voice matters. Learn how psychological safety can help us build these crucial cultural factors for every student.