Personal Resilience Workshop Series

mindfulness workshop

Provide your staff with tools

to better manage stress and build resilience.

Workshops can stand alone, or be combined for a half-day or full-day retreat experience.

Mindfulness Part I: Reducing Stress Through Rejuvenation Mapping

1 hour workshop

Participants will: 

  • Learn research-based tools, such as informal mindfulness practice, in order to reduce stress and build resilience 

  • Create a personalized stress intervention based upon “stress tells” 

Description: Mindfulness practice is more than sitting quietly. In fact, mindfulness is a natural human state currently present in each of our lives. Explore the science and practice of informal mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress. Participants will learn points of rejuvenation already present in their own lives and create a plan for positive coping.


Mindfulness Part II: Building Resilience with Formal Mindfulness Practice

1 hour workshop

Participants will…

  • Learn the science of formal mindfulness practice—how and why it works 

  • Create a plan for sustained practice and daily prevention of stress, even when obstacles arise 

Description: We know mindfulness practice is good for us. It builds our brain’s capacity for focus and self-regulation, similar to how a strength-training workout builds our muscles. However, like building a fitness routine, it can be hard to motivate ourselves on a daily basis. Learn habit-building interventions that can be used to sustain a formal practice. Participants will leave with strategies, and a personalized plan for implementation when obstacles arise. 


Building Gratitude: Tools for Enhancing Resilience Through Positive Experience

1 hour workshop

Participants will…

  • Learn the science of gratitude as a tool to enhance resilience and wellbeing 

  • Engage with gratitude practices to increase positive experience, even in times of challenge

Description: Gratitude improves overall quality of life, both mentally and physically. When we reflect on positive experience, we build our neural pathways to make those experiences more frequent. However, there are obstacles that can prevent us from feeling grateful. Learn how to overcome these obstacles, and make gratitude a key element of daily life.


Beyond Empathy: Preventing Burnout Through Compassion

1 hour workshop

Participants will…

  • Learn about the science of compassion as a tool that prevents burnout and increases performance 

  • Practice actionable tools that can incorporate compassion into daily work and life, increasing sustainability 

Description: While empathy is important, serving others through empathy alone is a path toward stress, depression, and burnout. Compassion, however, can help us to help others. It is a skill that energizes us and leads to deeper fulfillment. Learn the difference between empathy and compassion in action, and explore how we can use the latter to sustain our efforts to make a difference. 


Boundaries: A Tool for Educator Sustainability and Engagement

1 or 2 hour workshop

Participants will…

  • Reflect on strategies to improve sustainability and engagement through the implementation of boundaries 

  • Engage tools for setting healthy boundaries on time, resources, and emotions  

Description: As educators and leaders, boundaries are necessary; when we don’t honor them, our resources are quickly worn away by the words, actions, and circumstances of others. We are less engaged. We are prone to burnout. However, honoring the space we need for ourselves enhances rejuvenation; we are engaged for the work that matters to us. Learn healthy boundary-setting tools that you can implement in professional and personal life. 


Creating Growth: Overcoming Challenges and Reframing Difficulties

2 hour workshop

Participants will…

  • Develop mindsets and practices that support healthy risk-taking and resilience in times of change

  • Learn how to use reframing to experience higher levels of growth from challenges  

Description: The mindsets we bring to our circumstances and the stories we tell ourselves are crucial; they determine whether we grow because of our challenges, or become stymied and incapacitated by them. We can learn to take healthy risks, and to persevere, even when difficulties arise. Through using mindsets and stories to our advantage, we can experience the power of reframing; we can become more resilient.


Meaning and Purpose: Reconnecting with Values in Work and Life

2 hour workshop 

Participants will…

  • Learn about the research on connecting with meaning and purpose as a tool to mitigate stress 

  • Reflect on personal values in order to build this critical component into work and personal life 

Description: Research shows that when we become disconnected from meaning and purpose in our work, we are less effective and prone to higher levels of stress. However, we can actively cultivate meaning through connecting with our values and reexamining the messages we give ourselves. Learn how to use these powerful tools for managing stress and staying engaged with what matters to us.