Keynote Offerings


Growth. Psychological Safety. Mindfulness.

Keynote talks for building community and creating a culture of human development.

Cultures of Growth and Innovation: How Psychological Safety Builds Better Teams and Organizations

Audience will:

  • Learn cultural factors that contribute to healthy risk-taking and more effective collaboration

  • Gain strategies for implementing these factors, creating cultures of growth and innovation

Description: In order to maintain growth and innovation in organizations, risk-taking is a necessity. So how can we build and sustain a culture where taking risks is the norm? The answer is to create psychological safety. When this crucial factor is in place, a team is at its most effective—they are able to share, be curious, and be open to change. Learn how we can build this factor in our organizations through protocols and mindsets that encourage trust, openness, and equality.


Mindfulness in the Workplace: Lowering Stress and Building Resilience

Audience will:

  • Learn the science and practice of mindfulness as a tool to lower stress and build resilience in the workplace and beyond

  • Gain strategies for incorporating mindfulness at work

Description: Research shows that mindfulness practice improves resilience to stress, strengthens concentration, and builds connection with others. However, in the busyness of work, it’s hard to remember to slow down, reflect, and incorporate meaningful silence. Learn easy to implement mindfulness strategies to improve your quality of life and performance, even when time is limited.


Professional Development is Human Development: Putting Personal Growth at the Center of Our Organizations

Audience will:

  • Learn the science of human development

  • Create environments that support this crucial component for engagement and performance

Description:  68% of the American workers are disengaged; almost 1/3 of us have dropped out of the traditional workforce to enter the gig economy, and are statistically happier because of it. The way we do “work” is no longer working. The thriving workplace of the future needs to be more. By moving from a transactional model to a model centered on personal and professional growth, organizations support fulfillment and a sense of purpose for employees, while also maintaining a culture needed to thrive in today’s economy.