Brandi Lust

let’s transform work.

Teacher, speaker, and consultant building resilience and connection in organizations

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I can help you build a better workplace.

Using insights from neuroscience and organizational psychology, I can help you engage individuals and build better work communities.

Collaborate with a responsive practitioner of workplace innovation with over a decade of experience helping others learn.

Work is changing.

We should, too.

Organizational leaders rank soft skills as their #1 development need.

No wonder. People skills, like the ability to communicate, are crucial to success; we collaborate 50% more at work than we did 20 years ago.

Personal development skills, like the ability to be resilient, are necessary in a work environment that’s constantly responding to change.

I can help you meet these development needs in your organization, so that you can better meet the needs of the communities you serve.

Workshops. Keynote Speaking. Consulting.

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For educators

Are you an educational leader interested in meeting the social and emotional needs of staff and students?

Are you planning an educator conference and seeking an engaging speaker to talk about mindfulness in a school setting?

for Businesses

Are you an organizational leader who wants to build psychological safety on your teams?

Are you looking for a keynote speaker to share resilience-building practices for a swiftly changing business landscape?

For non-profits

Are you a manager interested in increasing staff retention and alleviating compassion fatigue?

Are you seeking a development experience that enhances sustainability and builds community in your organization?


Nationwide Insurance

“Brandi motivated and inspired the audience. People loved that they walked away with helpful ideas to improve their resilience in times of change.”

- Joe DiFrancesco, IT Process Management


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I’m Brandi

Nice to meet you.

I am a teacher, keynote speaker, and consultant who lives in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and two sons.

Learn more about me!

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