50% of Americans

report feeling frequently or always exhausted from work.

21%-67% of mental health workers

experience high levels of burn out. 

 67% of Workers

are disengaged. 

46% of teachers 

report high levels of daily stress that effects their quality of life, health, and teaching performance.


Stress, negativity, overwhelm, and disconnection are all problems in the modern workplace. Human needs are not being met. Through mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and connection, our schools, companies, and organizations can improve workplace culture, enhance individual health, and increase engagement.


Through authentic narrative, current research, and engaging interactions, my talks are designed to combine elements of intrapersonal (internal) and interpersonal support. This builds the resilience of individuals and communities.

When individuals have this support, they feel safe and comfortable to bring their whole selves into the workplace. This is called psychological safety, and it's the most important factor in creating effective teams. 

According to researcher Amy Edmonson, psychological safety is a,“shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking... [it] describes a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.’’ When individuals build personal resilience and psychological safety has been established, cultures change.

I combine educational content to enhance personal health and wholeness with common humanity interventions and activities that support trust and respect. In combination, these tools create high-functioning teams and improve the culture of work environments. 


What Clients Are Saying

Brandi Lust reminds us all that self-care is not frivolous; it is essential to our ability to effectively thrive in whatever environment we function.

She is like a reset button, giving program participants a moment to tend to themselves. Anyone who works for public good must balance the power of small acts of personal kindness with the daunting, ambiguous, and vulnerable work of activating positive social change. The two go hand-in-hand.
As a bonus, Brandi is an utter delight to work with. She is genuinely kind and present, truly listening to the needs of our program participants and tailoring every experience to those needs. She is flexible in her design as well as in the moment. The best part is that even weeks after her workshop, my colleagues and I will be still be channeling her work, making suggestions and sharing insight with each other.

— Cindy Foley, Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience for at the Columbus Museum of Art
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On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 Brandi Lust, Founder Learning Lab Consulting, led us through an interactive exploration of the kinds of experiences that Build Cultures of Authenticity in teams and organizations. With courage and grace, Brandi role modeled bringing your whole self to the table and demonstrated how it resulted in a consultancy focused on unleashing authenticity… We molded our own brains out of play dough and shared how we think and operate at a fundamental level. We gave expression to our inner critics and the gifts we uniquely bring…We are still energized and smiling Brandi!
— Capital City Organizational Development Network
As a ten-year Learning & Development professional, I find we can spend so much time in our work environments it is hard to find time for ourselves, to find balance. I think Brandi presents a fresh perspective on how we can tap into finding that balance, how we can find something deeper in our daily grind – opening ourselves up to kindness, creativity, vulnerability, growth and more. Each experience I have had with Brandi has been engaging and enlightening. She is a genuine spirit that exudes confidence and caring. I am not the first person in line for self-reflection activities, but she put herself out there in such an open and honest fashion that I trusted her lead and intentions. As a human being, I found Brandi inspiring and refreshing. As a professional I see an opportunity for businesses to unlock something in their teams that will lead to possibility of thriving work environments, happy employees, and more rewarding business results.
— Erin Derryberry, Manager/Talent Developer for Ascena Retail Group
I’ve watched Brandi present to small groups and very large audiences. Her style is consistently energizing, always leaving me with an enlightened perspective. She truly has the gift of not just teaching, but actually engaging her audiences in new ways they haven’t experienced before. Her enthusiasm and spirit so strongly bring life to her work, and this is just so contagious to her clients, audiences, and all of those around her!
— Megan Sharbaugh, Studio 614
I’ve had the opportunity to see Brandi Lust speak to many different audiences including teachers, school district administrators, artists, and entrepreneurs. Brandi is a skilled, confident, and engaging speaker. Her thought provoking and empowering message remains constant; we each have the ability to improve our personal well-being by growing our capacity to be mindful, compassionate, empathetic and creative. Nurturing these qualities allows us to navigate life with greater joy and to embrace the best of each moment.

Whether Brandi is speaking to a group of 10 people or to one hundred, she creates a space in which each person will feel safe and honored. Her delivery is insightful, sincere, easygoing, and always responsive to the audience at hand. She creates connections by sharing her research, expertise, and stories that are both personal and relatable. She provides inspiration and encouragement accompanied by practical and actionable ideas and she encourages growth through self discovery, personal reflection, and a healthy dose of respect for the self. 
— Marc Alter, Director of 21st Century Learning at Grandview Heights Schools

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