Wondering whether there is something more?

In 2013, a difficult job transition, a crumbling marriage, the death of a beloved family member, and a diagnosis of depression and anxiety left Lust incapacitated. However, through the paths of mindfulness, gratitude, growth, and connection, these challenges became the seeds of a new, more authentic life—something more.

Modern society is based on common, false assumptions about how we are supposed to live, which often lead to lives devoid of meaning. However, the realities of our human nature can free us from struggling to reconcile our lives with those myths, creating more fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Drawing on the poetry of personal experience and the supporting research of experts in the field, this 8-week journey toward a more human life provides practical skills and strategies to connect with what matters.

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Myths of Being Human:

Four Paths to Connect with What matters



Path 1: Stop Letting Your Thoughts Rule Your Life

Myth #1: Humans are primarily thinking beings. 

Reality #1: Humans are experiencing, feeling beings who are also able to think. 



Path 2: Love the One You’re With

Myth #2: Humans are satisfied when they have what they want. 

Reality #2: Humans will never be satisfied unless they love what they have. 



Path 3: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Myth #3: The default human state is happiness and contentment. If I’m not happy and content, something is probably wrong with me. 

Reality #3: There is no default human emotion or ideal state. Uncomfortable emotions are part of being human, and they can be sources of meaning and transformation.





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Path 4: Embrace Your Dependence

Myth #4: Humans are independent individuals whose main concern is personal success and achievement.

Reality #4: Humans are a social species, and we are wired for compassion and interconnection.